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SPORTea® Benefits: Foodservice

Now...One of a kind...Iced SPORTea®, the world's only gourmet nutritious iced tea!!!

A. Here are some reasons why you will be glad that you are serving SPORTea® as your house iced tea!

1) Uniqueness: SPORTea® differentiates your foodservice facility the same way a special decor, or a well-designed menu offering does. Now your iced tea offering can be a reason for customers to choose your restaurant over another! (See SPORTea® attributes in B on the other side of this page).
2) Save Money: SPORTea® consumers (96%) drink it without adding condiments (lemon, sugar, artifical sweeteners). Condiments cost 9-11¢ per glass with a black tea offering because 92% of all iced tea drinkers add condiments. So, if you get your black tea for FREE... "0" tea cost plus condiment cost of 9-11¢ is still 9-11¢ per glass served 8¢ per glass served for SPORTea®!
3) Sell more/
More profits:
8 out of 10 consumers like the taste of SPORTea®, 7 out of 10 consumers like black tea (varies a bit by brand); 4 to 6 out of 10 consumers like herb iced tea (varies by flavor and brand)...So you will sell more SPORTea® long term.
4) Broader consumer appeal/more profits: Due to attributes like no calories and no artificial sweeteners, SPORTea®'s nutritious make up, and it's energizing and stress fighting qualities, while at the same time being a decaf equivalent offering... more consumers are attracted to this beverage and therefore to the iced tea category than with a regular black tea offering. Thus, more glass sales of your iced tea which is traditionally one of the most profitable areas of the restaurant.
5) Environmentally conscious: All natural SPORTea® comes packaged in recycled packaging, provides positive nutritional attributes, and a % of every profit dollar earned by UPP, Inc, is committed to Clean Air Environmental programs worldwide.
6) Add-on-sales: SPORTea® is an interesting product can can be a subject for positive dialogue between your wait staff and your customers. A good dialogue between staff and customers has been shown to be a key factor for add-on-sales in foodservice environments.
7) Repeat Business: A special glass of iced tea can be as good a reason to choose a particular restaurant for lunch as a great salad, a good burger, or an exotic alcoholic beverage. SPORTea® customers do get committed to the product, that is good for the restaurant! Look what consumer commitment to their french fries did for McDonald's?
8) The Best Competitive Beverage:

SPORTea® is favored by many five star restaurants simply because it has no aftertaste - they claim SPORTea® is the only beverage that is clean to the pallet, other than water and they do not make money on water, right!?!

SPORTea® will let your foods tastes come through and not cloud the pallet like the tannic in black teas, the flavors in herb teas, the sugars in sodas, etc. SPORTea® is clean, thirst quenching, refreshing... and leaves no aftertaste!

9) Alternative Beverage:

SPORTea® can also be offered to your customers who would prefer a decaf iced tea because it is a decaf equivalent. Again you attract more consumers to your iced tea... more sales... more profits!

B. Here is why your customers will buy SPORTea®... Truly a beverage with attributes for customers of the new millenium and beyond!

1) Special Taste:

Bold, Zippy, Citrus Sweet flavor that 8 out of 10 people like.

Not just another Iced tea!

2) Energizer: The Siberian Ginseng in SPORTea® is a natural energizer, not just another artificial booster with a ton of sugar, fructose, or caffeine... this is a natural, lasting good feeling boost derived from greater overall bodily systems efficiency. Just what everyone needs for our overloaded, fast paced daily lives and no let down.
3) Nutritious: SPORTea® is a blend of premium imported teas, plus it replenishes trace minerals (electrolytes) which everyone depletes daily. SPORTea® contains 100% of the U.S. RDA Vitamin C daily requirement in every 6 oz glass. SPORTea® is a DECAF equivalent and a great DIET drink as it contains "0" calories and no artificial sweeteners either.
4) Thirst Quenching: No aftertaste. SPORTea® is like water with lots of good stuff in it!
5) Stress Fighter: The Siberian Ginseng in SPORTea® is an adaptogen and enhances overall bodily system functioning/performance which helps to minimize the effects of stress. The Vitamin C in SPORTea® helps keep customers from feeling run down. The Ginger helps circulation and is soothing. Potassium helps to keep muscles from cramping.

Nutritious Because:

Gourmet Blend:
  • A base of imported Black and Green teas, and other herbs.
Siberian Ginseng:
  • Known as a premium grade of Ginseng Worldwide with no negative attributes.
  • A natural energizer; a boost of energy with no caffeine or sugar let-down.
  • Fights stress by enhancing bodily systems efficiency and helps build endurance.
Vitamin C:
  • 6oz glass of SPORTea® provides 100% USRDA of Vitamin C (60mg.).
  • Helps fight off exhaustion and persistant viruses.
  • Vitamin C is depleted in body every 4 hours and faster when your under fluorescent light.
  • Helps diffuse stress symptoms; prevent muscle tension and cramping.
  • Potassium is depleted during physical and mental stress.
  • There are 11mg of Potassium in each 6oz serving of SPORTea®.
  • Electrolytes such as: Calcium and Potassium (but no sodium in SPORTea®) & Minerals such as: Zinc, Fluorine and trace minerals.
  • Dried leaves from the South American Evergreen Tree.
  • A natural energy "pick-me-up" in So. America.
  • Full of nutrients - high vitamin and mineral content.
  • SPORTea® has just traces of Matté as it is a naturally caffeinated substance.
  • Ginger enhances blood flow and promotes better circulation.
  • Is slightly sweet, so there is no sugar in SPORTea®.
  • Good for fighting altitude and motion sickness.
Decaf Equivalent:
  • Less than 2% caffeine (anything up to 3% is considered a decaf level by FDA regulations).

Note: No sugar, no sodium, no calories or artificial sweeteners in SPORTea®. A positively unique beverage with a special taste that always truly quenches your thirst!

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