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Gourmet Iced Tea and Hot Tea

As more and more health conscious Americans make the transition away from sugary sodas, the iced tea industry has enjoyed exponential growth. Let us cater to your beverage needs and craft a blend that will complement your unique concept. After all, having been in the specialty beverage industry for 29 years, we know a thing or two about iced tea and hot tea.

The Bissell Tea Company


Bissell Tea transforms traditionally predictable iced tea to an unpredictable taste experience. These uniquely eclectic teas are carefully selected to move beyond simply refreshing to always requested. Our teas rest comfortably in cafes and restaurants that propose how good design compliments great food. These teas are crisp, clear, and have a noticeably rich flavor that's recognized from the first sip. This line of tea is inviting, new and undeniably unique.

Available in cases of 32/4oz., 32/3.5oz., or 32/2oz bags.

Iced Tea Blends:

  • Classic Black: A refreshing China black tea that is crisp with rich flavor and alluring color. Organic is also available.
  • Marigold Mango: A black tea scented with pleasant marigold petals and flavored with sweet pieces of mango.
  • Passion Fruit: An award winning China black tea with the essence of freshly picked passion fruit.
  • Peach Passion: A light and refreshing China black whole leaf tea is infused with the sweetness of ripe peaches.
  • Pomegranate Green: A unique whole leaf sencha green tea that is infused with pomegranate and trimmed with rose petals.
  • Quince Green: A whole leaf sencha green tea that's decorated with cornflower and mallow flower, and is flavored with quince fruit.
  • Berry Hibiscus: A fruity herbal tea that delivers a full berry taste without being bitter.

Hot Teas:

  • Apricot Zest
  • Earl Grey
  • Echinacea
  • Jasmine Pearls
  • Pomegranate
  • White Blossom Green

chinaMist.jpgChina Mist

China Mist is the iced tea specialist in the industry. They strive to develop high quality, great tasting iced tea, from their traditional black to flavored greens. Each China Mist tea achieves perfection! In addition, Mist focuses on proper cleansing and sanitizing of equipment and dispensers. These meticulous aspects are what separates China Mist from the rest in the iced tea industry.

Please contact Silver Service for full list of available flavors.

China Mist also offers an assortment of hot tea products, known as Leaves Pure Teas. These teas are made with the highest quality-tea leaves, herbs and spices. Leaves Pure Teas have superior leaves which brews a better, smoother and more flavorful cup of hot tea.

Available in Whole-Leaf Loose Hot Tea, Whole-Leaf Hot Tea Sachets, and Premium Hot Tea bags.

Key flavors: Earl Grey, Sweet Chamomile Citrus, Organic Green, Assam Breakfast, Aromatic Chai


Two Leaves and A Bud

Two Leaves and A Bud teas are grown in a single geographic region using traditional growing methods. The quality of tea varies from hillside to hillside. Our experienced tasters select only the finest estates. Unlike paper bags, the biodegradable mug size sachets hold full leaf teas. You can enjoy rich, full leaf tea flavor with the handiness of a tea bag. Watch the leaves open and infuse your mug with the true flavor of loose leaf tea.





Now...One of a kind...Iced SPORTea®, the world's only gourmet nutritious iced tea!!!

Here are some reasons why you will be glad that you are serving SPORTea® as your house iced tea!!!


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